Østergade 12, 7400 Herning



Ostemesteren in Herning always offers the highest quality in areas of cheese, specialties and service. There is a wide range of ​​different cheeses - everything from the traditional cheeses, the West Jutland or the new ones. There are always organic cheeses, fatty or low-fat cheeses in the counter, so there is something for everyone. At Ostemageren you will always find different, great offers and delicious gift baskets with cheeses and other specialties. At the store, the taste experience is paramount, and you are always allowed to taste the cheeses, in order to ensure that you make the right choice before buying.

Cheese, tapas and wine
For a delicious tapas collation, there must always be tasty cheeses and good wine or a special beer. Ostemesteren has a high level of expertise in all this. The store also sells ready-made cheese and tapas collations to go, where you are guaranteed a great arrangement with lots of flavor.

So if you are in need of cheese or other specialties for the dinner table or for a special occasion, then drop by Ostemesteren in Herning, where an authentic and delicious taste experience with an emphasis on great service and quality is always guaranteed.

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