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Pizzeria and Steakhouse Valentino

Lodbergsvej 14
6950 Søndervig

Pizzeria and Steakhouse Valentino

categories: Restaurants Fastfood

In the lively seaside town of Søndervig, you will find Pizzeria Valentino, which with its inviting settings and an interesting menu is a natural and great choice of an eatery for the entire family.
The Italian pizzeria offers a wide range of pasta dishes, tender steaks and all kinds of delicious pizzas baked in the restaurant's stone oven. For both lunch and dinner, there is a delicious buffet which among other things includes a free salad bar.

In addition to the above, various lasagnas, exciting beers and great wines, coffee, cappuccino and good desserts are offered.

The cozy and authentic eatery is very spacious and the guest and the great taste experience are paramount.

Pizzeria Valentino also offers takeaway for those, who want to take their food with them.

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