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Søndervig Sandskulpturfestival (Sand Sculpture Festival)

Lodbergsvej 44
6950 Søndervig

Søndervig Sandskulpturfestival (Sand Sculpture Festival)

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This year, the renowned sand sculpture festival in Søndervig invites guests on a thrilling journey into what is already a thing of the present, but most certainly also of the future. There’s something magical about robots – what can and can’t they do? Is it us humans who control robots, or is it the other way around? We don’t know the answer, but at this year’s sand sculpture festival in Søndervig we’re bringing robots into focus.

Join us for an exciting and unique experience
Visitors will encounter a 200-metre long and 7-metre tall wall sculpture wall supplemented by 10 solo sculptures, altogether forming an impressive and thought-provoking world of robots that will blow guests away! And no, robots are not little green men from Mars. Robots are part of today’s reality, and they’re here to stay, which is why this year’s sand sculpture festival in Søndervig is worth visiting and revisiting – and that’s saying a lot! At this year’s sand sculpture festival you will encounter a fascinating world of robots that speaks to all of our senses – and provides food for thought! The future is always a fascinating and perplexing subject: What will happen, and how will we and the generations that follow shape and live our lives? Come experience a vivid response to that question at this year’s sand sculpture festival in Søndervig – now in its seventeenth year running, the success continues year after year, each time with new, relevant themes. This year, it’s ROBOTS!

Come and experience the creative process 
Before the official opening, it is possible to have a look at the festival area and see all the sculptors as they work with their creations – which they have to finish in just 10 days. From Wednesday, 15th to Friday 19th of May, you can get an insight into the creative processes when the 40 sculptors sculpt the 200m long, 7m high sculpture wall full of subjects from this year’s theme.

There is room for everyone 
The festival area is very disabled-friendly, as we have installed a system of paths of dark rockdust, so it’s easy to get around the area with a wheelchair or walker, for example. The area has its own toilet vehicle with a number of toilets and an easily accessible disabled toilet, with wide access ramp and a baby-changing area. It is also possible to borrow a wheelchair at the ticket office. We have a beautiful sandy playground where children and adults can test their creative abilities as sand sculptors ... and who knows, maybe the magic sand sculptures will dance hand in hand after closing time when the darkness of the night is falling and the moon appears.


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