Stauning Harbour

Strandvejen, 6900 Stauning


Stauning Harbour

Stauning Harbour is situated in the beautiful West Jutland. It is placed on the eastern side of the Ringkøbing Fjord. Here, there is a cozy atmosphere, which, among other things, is formed by small houses and a wonderful restaurant. The harbour is mainly used by anglers and sailors. The port has the Blue Flag, which means that the environment, safety and water quality are all great.

Fishing and sailing in Stauning Harbour 
Stauning Harbour is primarily used for sailing, but it is also possible to fish. In the harbour, the navigation channel is about 3 kilometres long and the water depth is approximately 120 cm. In the harbour, there are 250 berths.

As mentioned before, there are also great fishing possibilities in Stauning Harbour. Here, mainly perches and common roaches can be caught and they are found in huge quantities. The fish are best caught with a worm on the hook. This place is also recommended for children because you can drive all the way to the fishing spots and because there is a huge opportunity for a great catch. You can fish in almost the entire harbour, but in some places, you have to be aware because here it is not allowed to fish.

Facilities at Stauning harbour
The surroundings at Stauning harbour are absolutely ideal for an amazing fishing trip and not least, if you sail. The following facilities are offered:

  • Public toilets and public bath
  • A well equipped kitchen
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Laundry facility
  • Playground
  • Electricity

Restaurant Stauning Harbour
Stauning Harbour is also known for its lovely restaurant, Restaurant Stauning Harbour. Here, delicious dishes are served for the guests. There is a clear focus on using local ingredients from West Jutland, so you are guaranteed a great dining experience.