Bjerregård Beach

6960 Bjerregård

Bjerregård Beach

15 km south of the tourist town of Hvide Sande, you will find a beautiful bathing beach with an associated spectacular, wide, white sandy beach. This is Bjerregård Strand, which lies in association with the holiday area, Bjerregård. The beach borders  the large North Sea and on the opposite side further inside the country, you will find Ringkøbing Fjord. The beach offers scenic surroundings and activities for the entire family.


Bjerregaard beach is reminiscent of the two huge beaches, which are also located in the same area, Søndervig Beach and Hvide Sande Beach. Bjerregård Strand offers in contrast a more tranquil atmosphere, which can be attractive. Here you can swim in the North Sea, bask in the sun on the soft sandy beaches, play in both the sand and water and not least simply use it for jogging or long walks. The beach has been awarded the blue flag, which indicates that the water quality and environmental efforts are in order.

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